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Estate Vacation Rentals

Renting an Estate for a Wedding, Event, Corporate Retreat, Production or for a family getaway can be a challenge.  There are dozens of potential websites offering anything from Castles to Cottages and everything in between.  Our site however goes one step further.  We offer only those homes whom we have had contact with the owner and can verify through our verification process.  How does this help you?  As a potential client of our website you are looking for a home that is not only a vacation or retreat but it will be the center of your gather, the heart of your trip and because of that you need to be sure that your location is in fact everything you had hoped it would be. 

So let’s start with the basics when choosing an Estate.  Every home is represented either by a professional team of managers OR a homeowner.  So when booking these Estates you will have to remember that you are looking for what meets your need.  And Estate that is normally at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of pricing.  There are of course times of the year when these homes become more affordable, such as “low or shoulder seasons.”  These can and do differ from location to location.  You also have to consider the trip itself, will you be staying local or going abroad?  This means that if you are traveling in a group and leaving your country of origin, do you have the right paperwork and visas?  Have you called ahead for any necessary documents for marriage licenses, pet restrictions, or customary restrictions.  Remember when traveling abroad you must abide by their rules, in fact you must respect that your country and their country are different and visit with an open mind.  All of this is important when choosing the location and your estate.

Finding the perfect blend may not be as easy as you had hoped.  That’s why we are here to help you.  Most sites offer similar homes, in fact most sites offer quite similar homes, so often times people will decide based on their experiences.  We welcome  you to call with any questions, we are in the office daily and on the weekends you can find us online.  The phone numbers are easily printed at the top of our website and our forms are easy to complete and send in.  Simply hit “Contact Us” or hit any of the forms on any of the inquiry forms on any of the forms you find and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Some great VIP travel retreats are on Private Islands such as:  Musha Cay, Cayo Espanto, or Necker Island.  For Private Castles we recommend: Castle Oliver in Ireland, Kingdom of Fife in Scotland, Ludbury in England, or Villa La Cassinella in Lake Como.  There are so many choices for Luxury Estates, Castles, Mansions, and Cottages worldwide.  All you need to do is pick up a phone and let us know what  you need. 

You will also be pleased to know that every year we donate a portion of our income to charity.  We research each charity to make certain the money is reaching those in need, from the Special Olympics, to the Humane Society and the Band of Parents.  We think of it as our way of letting you know we care and that every dollar means something to us.  During these hard times we understand the need to chose wisely, so next time you are choosing a company to work with, we hope you will choose us.

If you have questions, feel free to call.  If you have an inquiry, you can find our inquiry button at the bottom of each home.  We are always happy to assist and no question is too silly, so feel free to ask.

See you soon!



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